Parker by Piper Cook


She’s the perfect combination of sugar and spice. He’s definitely on the naughty list. Can opposites attract when their darkest secrets are laid bare?


I’m a bookworm, but not your typical nerd. I’m a stickler for details. It’s how my brain works.

Everything has its place. Even me.

No one would guess I’m a wild child at heart.

When he shows up at the Nerdy Bookworm with a wish list and dog-eared book in his back pocket, I’m curiously bemused.

Killian is an intolerable, know-it-all with six-pack abs and swoony tattoos.

He thinks I’m the uptight one, but he’s the one in need of mussing.


I don’t have the best luck with women. And she definitely hates me.

I’ve pushed her buttons one too many times.

When I see her holiday post online, I know it’s my chance to go big or go home.

Parker is a cheeky, nerdy bookworm, and I’d love to peruse her pages.

Can I pull her strings just enough for her to loosen up, or will all my efforts unravel?

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