Paper-Thin Hearts by Violet Lynn Aster


From an idyllic past…
Maren Archer was an ordinary girl growing up and the eldest of six in their found family on the cul-de-sac of small town Bayswater. She was the babysitter. She was the responsible one until she worked at the Kelly Family Ranch the final summer before starting college in the city, and she fell in love with her long-time childhood friend, Jake. But when she overheard Jake say she was the last person he’d want to fall in love with, she left the ranch and the town of Bayswater for good.

To a crossroads in her career and her love life…
Now, thirty-two and a successful social media advertiser for Jo May Fashions, Maren runs her department with compassion, intensity, and a secret: the clothes she models and pushes on the public each day in their social media campaigns don’t fit. Jo May Fashions is not the all-inclusive brand she’s been selling. She lies. Every. Single. Day. But she built her career on those lies.

Maren must face her past to accept her future…
When someone threatens to shatter the foundations of her career and expose her secrets, Maren claims a mental health holiday and escapes to the only place she knows she can hide: Bayswater. Jake Kelly needs her help promoting his family ranch, and despite her past heartache, she has no other place to go. Will Maren learn to come clean and be honest with herself, her fans, and her past, or will she lose Jake, too, in the secrets she’s kept?

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