Pack Alpha by Alice Wilde


He’s supposed to be the one I trust, yet he brought them here. Here where I’m supposed to be safe …

I thought I’d found home when I was taken to my father’s estate, only to realize I never knew what real home was … not until I met the Fae.

And then him.

Now, I have a choice to make.

Stay here and be driven insane by the bond that pushes me to mate with my men, or go back and find a way to sever it for good … or die trying.

Problem is, I don’t really have a choice …

Not if my heart and the Fae have anything to say about it.

Pack Alpha is the third and final book in The White Wolf Trilogy. If you like upper YA/NA wolf shifters, fated mates/rejected mates, angst, and twists, then you’ll love this urban fantasy romance!

This series touches on some darker themes, so some scenes may not be suitable for all readers.

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