Owned By The Mob Boss by Imani Jay


A boss lady and a cold-hearted crime lord melting under the heat of desire…

Tall and broad, a beast with glacier blue eyes, Ben Wylder is a feared mob boss and the owner of a very special club. One where the filthy rich come to find their next hookup. No drama. No publicity. Just consenting adults sharing a good time, then parting ways. All this, in total discretion, NDAs and all the shebang. One night, a woman walks in that Ben’s not about to let any other man satisfy… He’s got to have her!

Assi Mbaye is a self-made woman. Billionaire at twenty-five, she’s a brilliant businesswoman with awful taste in men. Now thirty-five years old, Assi has two divorces under her belt and avoids men like the plague. After an entire year of celibacy, her friends decide what she needs is a good shagging and drag her to Ben’s club, with the promise of a wild night.

When Ben’s burning ice meets Assi’s dormant fire, all bets are off! Will the savvy businesswoman take another chance on her heart? Is Ben even ready for anything other than a series of mind-blowing encounters? Read along to find out, as these two titans clash with passion and emotion.

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