Owned By The Hot King by Imani Jay


Once upon a time, a good girl met a playboy King. She tried running in the other direction (literally…), but he wouldn’t have it!
Ina “My body is a lost cause when it comes to King Magnus of Montescu: he’s ridiculously hot & all kinds of tempting. My mind struggles to come to a decision: keep my life Royal Bad Boy free, or give in to his promise of mind-blowing pleasure…”
Magnus “She’s a ripe fruit that fell right into my palm: I have no choice but to bite into her juicy flesh… My life is dedicated to my duties as a king. I use pleasure as an outlet, but for the first time, I met someone I want more than a meaningless fling with…” What happens when a fiercely independent woman catches the eye of a Royal Bad Boy?
Come enjoy a ride with The Magnum King!

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