Outlaw Highlander Home by Michelle Deerwester-Dalrymple


Reardon MacLaurin has searched his entire life for a place to call home. But now that he’s found it with Anice, will it come crashing down?
Returning home after more than two years in the employ of the king, all Reardon wants is to find peace in his life with Anice by his side. After he helps Clan Grant eliminate the threat of a local band of highwaymen and oust a traitor to the king, he believes that peace can be found.

And with Anice as his bride, he truly feels as if he has achieved it. Now they can focus on building a life with each other.

However, the threat of the traitorous Undersheriff, a criminal cloaked in the clothes of the law, still looms. When Reardon finds him before the Grant Highlanders do, in the worst possible way, that threat becomes more real.

The Undersheriff’s vengeance knows no bounds, and Reardon’s life is at stake.

Yet he is willing to sacrifice himself for his clan, for his friend Josiah, and most of all, for Anice.

And the Undersheriff will ensure that Reardon does not return home.

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