Out of the Shadows by Bethany Shaw


Female werewolves are a dying breed, Devon’s sister is next on the list to become a breeder, and he won’t let that happen.

Devon has been denied his birthright his whole life, and his stepfather has crossed the line for the last time. He helps his siblings escape their home and pack even though it’s going to start a war. He was destined to be an alpha, but nothing prepared him for the death and violence the fighting would bring. Amidst the chaos, he meets the fiery human, Lark, who is his soul mate. Can he protect his pack and mate, or will he lose everything?

Lark’s sole focus has been her sister and her bakery. She never anticipated the werewolf family down the street would put her life in danger. Devon is unlike any man she’s ever met, and she can’t help falling for him. Thrust into a war she doesn’t understand, she must protect her sister, her bakery and her heart.

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