Only One Bed by Katherine E. Hunt


Anna Young is having the worst year ever and today is no exception…

The exquisite wrought iron Victorian bed she treated herself to—after a flood ruined every single item of furniture in her apartment—appears to have been sold to Scott Davis, or as she refers to him, ‘The Surly Earl of Grumpyville’. Her best friend’s brother-in-law and possibly the crabbiest person she’s ever met.

Scott is home for Christmas for the first time in years. He lost his job, his wife left him for another man and, to top it all off, she got the house in the divorce. Staying with his little brother, Tim, until he can figure out how to make his life a little less of a disaster, is his only option. Nothing could make this holiday worse.

Except, perhaps, the beautiful, antique bed he just bought being delivered with a screaming woman in a trench-coat and pajamas strapped to it by a rather ugly rainbow knitted scarf.

Obliged to share the same bed, two nights in a row, Anna and Scott need to work out what’s really going on under the covers and decide whether they want to double up and make it work or whether Christmas is going to lonely once more…

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