One Wild Summer by Amy Stephens


Lights, camera, action…

Marley Turner is devastated that she’s had to change her plans for the summer. Instead of doing the internship she’d applied for at college, she’s headed back home to help in the family-owned restaurant. Seems a film production company has selected Seaside for the location of their next movie and the restaurant is expected to provide the food for the crew while they’re in town.

Short-staffed and struggling to stay afloat, Marley’s father hires Preston Roark to help with the kitchen duties. Preston takes an instant liking to Marley and despite how much he tries to get to know her, Marley has one thing on her mind—James Phoenix, the heartthrob playing the leading role in the movie.

James plays the part well and before long, Marley is swooning like everyone else in town. Too bad James is all about acting rather than being in a serious relationship.

With summer winding down and the filming company wrapping up their final scenes, Marley finds that saying goodbye to James isn’t as difficult as she expected. But leaving Preston behind is another story.

James Phoenix may light up the big screen, but Preston Roark knows how to steal the show.

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