One Week Queen by K Leigh


Damon: My life has revolved around the shelter for as long as I can remember. It’s easier that way, animals don’t cause pain the way humans do. My animal videos went viral on social media, but I’d rather hide than live in the spotlight. Women are fleeting, one doesn’t warm my bed for long before the next arrives. Until Bee Robinson. We agreed to one night and move on with our lives, but now she’s my newest volunteer. I’ve tried to maintain my distance, but her aura is impossible to resist.

Bee: I fail at everything. Motherhood, sobriety, life. A fresh start after rehab is a chance to fix things, especially my relationship with my daughters. Part of my parole means I’m stuck volunteering at the local shelter.
The animals are sweet, but working with Damon Allen is a constant reminder of the passionate night we spent together. We thought we’d never meet again, and now I’m fighting memories of his skin on mine every time he walks in the room.

Then we have to travel for work.
One week, and my volunteer hours are up.
Things can go back to normal.
But what if…
Normal isn’t what I want anymore?

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