One Race to Ruin by Cara Maxwell


When a bold young lady living a double life starts to fall for the one man she needs to fool, an unexpected alliance is formed. And so begins a seduction so scandalous it will rock not just their world, but all of London.

A headstrong young woman taking a scandalous risk. When Daniela Rames rides into Newmarket, torn from her family and her home, she is grasping for some shadow of her old life. Daring and bold, Daniela risks her reputation and finds satisfaction riding Newmarket’s most notoriously difficult racehorse. But in the arms of the horse’s owner – the surly Earl of Fordham – she finds something even more unexpected: unquenchable desire.

Encounters an earl on a mission of redemption. Eric Weathers, the new Earl of Fordham, is determined to rehabilitate the estate his father left in ruins. Eric’s hopes are pinned on his prized racehorse, and the most important race of the Newmarket racing season. He cannot afford any complications. Even beautiful red-headed ones.

Next comes disaster, scandal … and passion Eric is horrified to discover the talented new rider he’s hired is really the fierce and tempting young woman who’s been haunting his dreams. Desperate to protect his investment, Eric is drawn into Daniela’s deception. As the trust between them grows, so does their attraction.

But nefarious forces are determined to keep their beloved horse from winning – and Daniela and Eric will each be asked to make the ultimate sacrifice …

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Historical Romance

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