Once a Wallflower, Always a Wallflower by Samantha Holt


Wallflowers don’t do adventure and they definitely do not do love…

Minerva Templeton has a reputation for being something of a recluse. A wallflower, if you will.
However, due to her grandfather’s demands, all that must change. She must travel to the wilds of Scotland to fetch a mysterious something. Minerva cannot fathom why she should be the one to have to bring home this object but if she does not, their grandfather’s fortune will go to a most underserving man.

She sets off to Scotland where she must brave all manner of awful things—things this wallflower avoids at all costs. But after the death of her beloved Grandpapa, she cannot help but wonder if she should be braver. Bolder. Try new things.
Like meet a handsome Scottish farmer turned wealthy landowner. Then kiss him perhaps? And maybe fall desperately in love with the brooding, wonderful man?
No, that’s a few too many new things. After all, there’s only so many new experiences a wallflower can have…

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