On Deck by Kimberly Readnour


Will good girl Cassie break the rules to be with the guy from the wrong side of the tracks?

There are two types of people in Bellow Bay.
The rich.
And me, Dalton Boyd.
But my baseball scholarship is my one-way ticket out of this town and away from judgmental eyes.
Nothing stands in my way.

That is, until a pretty blond with the brightest blue eyes breezes into town and tilts my world.
Cassie “Green” comes with one simple rule.
Don’t fall in love.

One summer is all we have.
And trust me, a summer fling isn’t a problem.
But there’s one small glitch in our plan.
I’ve never been one to follow the rules.
And being with Cassie is no exception.
Only this time, it may be me wishing I’d stuck to the plan.

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