Off Limits Grump by Josie Hart


I want to strip down my brother’s best friend and ride him like one of his prized horses.

When Blade Beaumont needs me to fill in for one of his champion riders at the last minute, I say yes against my better judgment.

This billionaire prefers the company of horses to people, and is grumpier than someone who’s just found a dead fly in his whiskey.

Though when I fantasize about his tight broad shoulders and deep brown eyes, I’m a puddle on the floor.

In a perfect world, I win this event, go back to my life and never have to see that arrogant jerk again.

But our passionate kiss in the dark hallway changed all my plans.

I can still feel his big hands expertly taming and reining in my wild side. And I crave what I see under his hard exterior.

Blade is completely off limits. My brother would be angry at the both of us if he found out.

And furious about these two little blue lines.

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