Obsessed Doctor by Chelsey Clark


I’m Tanya Jefferson.

My mantra is that nothing happens unless we first dream.

But I’m caught off-guard when what I’ve never dreamt of happens to me.

I never imagined the show-stopping surgeon in the hospital would fall for me.

He’s so gorgeous, my heart springs whenever he casts his beguiling stare on me.

His name is Dr. Larry Brown.

I never envisaged getting struck by the god of love.

Life lessons have though taught me to invest in my career, and not in love.

But my eyes seem to have betrayed me.

Or should I say my heart has betrayed me?

Maybe his charm is just damn irresistible.

He’s found his way into my heart, and I can’t push him out…even if I try.

So I spread out my wings and allow the wind of love flurry me to the direction it desires.

But if experience is the best teacher, can I let go of the terrible experiences I’ve had for love?

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