Obsessed by Alandra Knight


The Obsession is real, but it’s not what you think…

I am Blaze Hudson, king of the club, and Sabrina is the perfect queen for me.
She has a spitfire-cutthroat personality, she’s intelligent, beautiful, and she’s more intoxicating to me than any drug.
She’s quickly becoming the object of my obsession.
Blaze Hudson, the tall, dark, handsome, bad boy.
I need him more than I need my next breath.
He’s the object of my growing obsession.
I am his queen and he is my king until…
he commits the ultimate betrayal
now all that I am obsessed with is REVENGE,
but I must be careful-if my secrets are exposed,
it’s not only my life I have to worry about.

Is revenge worth the risk if the stakes are this high?

Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer…
the question is- Who’s your friend and who’s your enemy?

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