Obey by Jailaa West


Beau works to protect a beautiful Latina influencer from her stalker, but nothing will protect her heart from him.

Savage Security: They protect your body, you must protect your heart.

One mistake and one man who won’t let her forget it. Elle was barely an adult when she was tricked into making a racy online video that made her internet famous. She learned from her mistake and tried to move on, but one man won’t let her forget. He’s watching from the shadows and when he gets too close, she is forced to hire Beau.


Beau didn’t quit the military to babysit spoiled drama queens, one who wouldn’t need a bodyguard in the first place if she’d just stay out of the public. He only took the job to help his friends at Savage Security. But when he meets the beautiful Elle, much more beautiful in person than online. He falls quick and hard. Especially when he finds out the supposed starlet is just a shy young woman in need of his protection.

He’ll protect her and keep her safe. Because once she gives herself to him, he’s not letting her go.

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