Nyx Reborn by Clover Coy


Nixie is a mess.

She has forgotten who she is.

Nixie does remember some things:

She loves nighttime. Nixie adores walking the dark streets, especially Golden Gate Park.

And has a mad crush on Brett even though he’s thirty years old to her twenty-two. Nixie waitresses for Brett at his Five-Star Michelin Restaurant. Brett is definitely interested in Nixie. Sparks fly, and steam rises when the two get together. But just when it starts to get really good, Brett disappears.

Trying to get home, Nixie finds Brett’s car with two dead bodies in the front seat.

Nixie flees to her safe place, Golden Gate Park. She meets a man who calls himself Blade. He is as hot as Brett. Blade seems to know a lot about her. Stranger still, Nixie keeps running into him around the city. It’s as if Blade knows where she is at all times.

When a string of peculiar murders begins, Blade drops a bombshell on Nixie. She is a goddess with amnesia. Once more, bad things will happen if she doesn’t remember who she is.

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