Nooky by Lane Martin


Nate Hastings is a jerk.
But it wasn’t so long ago that he was everything.
Football hero.
Most popular boy in school.
My neighbor.
And my secret crush.
I waited with my nose in a book for him to notice me all those years ago.
Instead, he gave me a terrible nickname and left town to become wildly successful like I always knew he would.
The only thing missing in his life was love, which he tried to find on a reality dating show.
His public humiliation drives him back home.
That and the letters I’ve been writing him warning him that his historic house was in shambles.
I should have anticipated he’d show up to fix it.
But I never expected this.
The man who destroyed me is doing more than rebuilding his family’s home.
He’s trying to steal the key to my heart.

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