Noir Reformatory- Second Offense by Lexi C. Foss and Jennifer Thorn


Bow or bleed.
A decision all Noir angels must make.
Because I’m their king.

It wasn’t my choice. I assumed the position after the prisoners of this nightmare reformatory went after my mates.

Auric is my commander, even if I’m the one giving the orders. He worships the dukedom, the princess, soon to be our queen.

Layla is my crown, my purpose, the sheer essence of life.

She’s the key.

The key to unlocking the darkness in my soul. There is no reform. No restitution. Only retaliation and fear.

I’ll decorate my throne with the broken wings of my enemies. Their blood will run like a river, a red carpet at my feet.

The games have just begun. The players have been cast.

And in this world of darkness and sin, all will bow to their king.

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Paranormal & Urban Fantasy

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