Night Fury by Melissa Cummins


He will never let her go.

Luke has experienced a lifetime of loss. It weighs heavily on his soul, leaving him terrified of losing the person he wants most–his fated mate.

When his greatest fear comes true, Luke vows to do everything in his power to save her, no matter the cost. But he may not get the chance.

Johanna has never felt good enough for anyone. She longs to experience love, to be seen and accepted completely. But that will never happen now. Not when she’s been taken captive by Luke’s enemy and used for her body and blood.

Johanna will do everything she can to protect Luke, but she’s not sure how much longer she can hold on. Her will to live is slipping, and she finds herself wondering if it would just be easier to die.

With the clock running against him, can Luke save Johanna in time, or will he be too late?

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