Night Angel by Jessica Lynch


Halo or horns?

Or… fangs?

Netzach is an outsider among outsiders. An Othersider attacked by vampires, he’s a rare breed: a fallen angel that hides in the darkness, hunts at night, and survives on blood.

Figuring he’s already a monster, Zach has resigned himself to his inevitable fate: turning into a demon and spending eternity in the down below. Nothing can change that. Not the devotion of his auditor. Not the promise of a halo and salvation.

And especially not the mortal soulmate that he gave up more than a decade ago…

Donna Rescalo has never forgotten the angel that saved her life when she was a teenager. From the moment she looked in his eyes, she was lost, and when he promised he’d return for her, she believed him.

That was twelve years ago last June. And, apart from the strange tattoo that appeared on her skin after their first meeting, she’d never heard from him again. Tired of waiting, she eventually put him behind her and started her life anew across the country.

But she always thought about him.

When a family emergency has Donna returning to Spring Valley for the first time in a decade, she’s forced to confront her past in more ways than one. First, her stalker of an ex who doesn’t understand that she didn’t come back for him. And then, when her father gets lost during a hunting trip on the mountain where she nearly died, and Donna leads the search to rescue him.

Except it isn’t just her father she finds on the mountain…

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Paranormal & Urban Fantasy

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