New Beginnings by Nessa Nichols


When the thrill of being a hairstylist in the Big Apple has worn off, and the prospect of finding love again has dried up, Layla prays for change.

Upon his unexpected passing, she discovers her Uncle Nick had blessed her with a large inheritance, including a lakeside cabin in Montana, a cabin when she spent summers as a girl, and a cabin with beautiful memories of her uncle’s love for life.

Leaving New York City, she flies to Montana, leaving behind the concrete jungle and the life which had become unfulfilling in every way possible. The only thing she would genuinely miss was the coffee from her favorite shop.

The new beginning Layla prayed for was coming to fruition faster than she could imagine. Before her uncle’s funeral ends, she reconnects with a childhood friend who had gone from an awkward boy to a gorgeous, successful man.

Blown away by his transformation and deeply intrigued by his choice to stay in Montana and run an animal rescue Layla was excited about the process of getting reacquainted.

Meanwhile, not knowing he fell in love with her as a boy, all those feelings come rushing back to him. The outcome results in a tender, sweet, and passionate everlasting love story set on the edge of a lake surrounded by the Montana mountains.

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