Never Tease the Boss by Haley Travis


My new apartment felt like home, and I had the new job of my dreams. Everything was amazing, until the second boss of the company came back from vacation. Suddenly things were… almost too intense.

Meeting Mr. Wentworth with his huge hands around my waist wasn’t exactly classy. Then I had to go and tease him about it, making matters worse.

By the time I found out that Castle and Wentworth had a strict rule against inter-office relationships, it was too late. Jeremy was the most striking, sexy man I’d ever seen. From the second we met, it felt like he wanted to care for me, almost to the point of obsession.

It was too much, too fast, and I loved every second. The way he touched me lit me up from the inside, making me hope for a future where we belonged together.

Until the big boss found out, and both of our careers were on the line.

I knew that Jeremy would do the right thing and choose his career over a woman he’d just started dating. It was the only logical choice. Wasn’t it?

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