Never Kiss the Boss by Haley Travis


One little drink. One little party night with the girls.
One huge, nameless mystery man and a heart-flipping makeout session.

Until we were separated.

Monday morning, I strolled into my new job… And there he was.
Eric Wentworth.

I’d only met him twice – once over the phone and once on the dance floor where our mouths were too busy to exchange names.

Even though it was completely wrong, I couldn’t stay away from my new boss. He’s right there, claiming me for his own every time we have a moment alone. Could I let myself love such a powerful man who had intense conversations with his hands and lips, but none with words?

I was supposed to use my head more than my heart. I would have to stand up for myself and get answers.
Just as soon as we spent a few more minutes alone…

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