Neighbor Nik by Naomi Porter


Some neighbors borrow sugar. Me? I’d like a taste of Rita.

I’m Nik Tevez. The neighborhood bad boy. The rulebreaker. Promise decimator. My life revolves around three things… my Harley, hot chicks, and booze.

Until I see Rita Rocha. The girl across the street. The one I promised Nana I wouldn’t touch. Rita isn’t a girl. She’s a woman with attitude, curves, and lips meant for more than kissing. She fights it, but I know she wants me just as bad.

There’s just one problem. I’m not willing to commit to anyone, but thinking about her with someone else gets my blood pumping. She doesn’t trust me with her heart. I’m not sure she should. One of us will have to bend. If I have my way, it’ll be Rita over my breakfast table.

Forbidden fruit is so much sweeter than I expected. Nana, please forgive me.

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