Needs & Wants by Rhea T. Jackson


Happiness exited their relationship five years ago, and he’s the reason it happened so she believes.

Breanna Ellis longs for the bliss she once shared with Elijah Bryson, her longtime boyfriend and even more wonderful father to their daughter. Yet that ship set sail the moment he began controlling her life because of the high-risk pregnancy she endured. Tired of him not talking to her and infuriated with watching his business grow when he wouldn’t let her live her life, Breanna set her sights on getting what she wants.

Enter Nathaniel Morrison—the tall chocolate alluring old high school fling with the cognac eyes has much more to offer than Elijah ever could. Each moment Breanna spends with him is bliss. He listens to her every word, comforts her when she needs it most, and leaves her lips craving for more. But when Breanna thinks things in her life are looking up, Elijah opens himself more to her, forcing her to choose between the two of them—two men who know nothing of each other until Elijah learns of Nathaniel, and Nathaniel’s patience begins wearing thin with her. Can Breanna fix the mess she’s created between these two men?

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