Naked Nights Box Set by Ava Manello


Strip Back

Not all male strippers are the same. Eric despised his manager’s seedy approach to stripping but he guessed it was better than no job at all. How wrong he was. With no job, no restrictions and no girlfriend – thanks to finding her on her knees in front of someone else; Eric finally pursues his dream of setting up his own stripper troupe which would be all about the tease rather than the sleaze. With nothing left to lose, Eric throws himself into creating the Naked Nights. It wasn’t always fun, and it definitely wasn’t easy but somehow he made it happen.


Strip Teaser

Imagine being handed a reporting assignment that involves going on tour with a group of hot male strippers for eight weeks. Dream job, right? Sally Evans doesn’t think so. Trying to carve a career as a serious reporter in a male-dominated industry, Sally is mortified at the thought of writing an expose while on the road with the Naked Nights but is determined not to let her boss down. Whilst the guys are excited to have some fun and show that not all stripper acts are the same, Sally tries to convince herself that all she has to do is survive the debauchery. With over-sexed fans in abundance, gallons of baby oil and dance numbers that are hotter than an open fire the Naked Nights are the epitome of raunchy. However, behind the scenes the guys are much more than poster pinups and Sally finds her attitude changing, her libido returning and her self-confidence skyrocketing.


Strip Down

What happens when sexy British male strippers head to Australia on tour and meet the hot bikers from Severed MC? You’ll be crying with laughter as they try to teach the Severed guys a few moves to impress their women… outside of the bedroom for a change! Catch up with some of your favourite characters from Naked Night’s and Severed MC. Alongside some sizzling new dance routines there’ll be lots of love, laughter and possibly even a few happy tears in this novella.

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