My Straight Boss by Van Cole


The love of my life shatters my heart… but my worst enemy might be able to fix it.

Life couldn’t get any better until it all comes crashing down when my wife divorced me.

Now I’m rebuilding my life in small-town Georgia with my painting business.
Times are tough and the only employee I can afford to keep wants to watch my downfall.
Ian’s young, cocky, and irritating, but he’s the one person I have left to rely on.

I know that I hate his guts…so why is he making me feel so out of control?
Even when we argue I can’t help but look into his dreamy blue eyes.
I know he has a good heart but all we do is fight.
Yet why does he make me want him?

There’s something so alluring about him…and my life might be about to change all over again.

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