My Rockstar Assistant by Reba Bale


Her new assistant is strictly professional – at least until the night she lets her hair down.

Rock superstar Lila never set out to be a lesbian icon. She’s adored by millions and plays to sold-out stadiums around the world, yet she longs for the quiet comfort of a wife and family.

After a long string of crappy jobs, Christine is thrilled to get the chance to work as the personal assistant to a famous rockstar. Her last long-term relationship crashed and burned the week before the wedding, and she’s ready to have some adventures and escape the judgment of her small town. This job is her chance to prove to everyone that she’s not the hot mess they think she is.

When Lila and Christine get snowed in at Lila’s mountain cabin on Valentine’s weekend, their attraction becomes too hard to resist. It turns out that they’re not as different as people might think. But when the snow melts and the paparazzi come knocking on the door, their off-limits relationship is suddenly in the spotlight. Will their love withstand the scrutiny?

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