My Fake Girlfriend by Reba Bale


The woman she’s had a crush on for years needs a fake girlfriend, and Elana is ready to volunteer for the job!

Toya is in a bind. Her little sister is getting married, and her mother is insisting she bring her girlfriend to the wedding. She’d told a little white lie to get her mom off her back, but now it’s backfiring. Her mom thinks she’s in a committed relationship, so Toya needs to find a pretend girlfriend, and fast.

Elana fell in love with Toya the minute she set eyes on her. Unfortunately, she somehow went right into the friend zone. Elana has been hesitant to rock the boat, especially when they have so many friends in common, but this wedding is a chance for her to finally show Toya how she feels.

Pretending to be a couple and sharing a bed at the destination wedding, things start to heat up. Suddenly things between them aren’t so friendly…

Can she convince Toya that she needs more than being a fake girlfriend? She needs forever.

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