Mountain Seeking Hero by Marley Michaels


Moose Mountain is calling more Cooper men home, and this time it’s the women of the town that are in their sights.

Search and Rescue Coordinator, Max Cooper, has heard the mountain’s call. Now he’s returned to his birthplace to see whether the Moose Mountain legend is true for him, just like it has been for his brothers and cousins. He doesn’t expect it to literally hit him in the back of the head though.

Lucy Kendall is the sweet, shy Woodward Valley librarian, who lives with her nose in a book—
that’s when she’s not helping out everyone and anyone with her heart of gold.

When Max meets Lucy, she takes his breath away. When his sister-in-law sets him up with her, he’s grateful. When he spends the time getting to know Lucy and learns how her tragic life has made her into the wonderful woman standing before him, he’s lost, and doesn’t ever want to be found.

Now, their only obstacle is whether he can prove to Lucy that he’s the man the mountain made for her, and if Lucy can let down her walls long enough to open her heart to the exact type of man she’s been waiting for her entire life.

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