More Than Ornamental by Monique McDonell



The goal – go back to my hometown and open my beachside restaurant this holiday season. The reality – in order to do that, I had to run the craft services van for the Hollywood movie that had come to town. The problem – movie star Connor Reed and his adorable daughter,Ava, had moved in next door to me and somehow, as much as I tried to avoid them, they were everywhere I went. The even bigger problem – I liked that a little too much. I’d come home for a purpose and falling for a hot single dad wasn’t it.


The goal – I just needed to get this movie made and get my baby back to Hollywood.

The problem – I hadn’t known about Ava until a few weeks earlier and as hard as I was trying to be a good dad, I wasn’t sure I knew how. My neighbour Meg seemed to have more of a clue than I did and I was drawn to her kindness and her realness and the fact that she treated me as more than just a pretty face.The even bigger problem – we’d be spending a summer Christmas together – that much was certain. Could I walk away when the move was made? That much I didn’t know.

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