Moon Summoned by Everly Smoke


How can you trust a monster without becoming one yourself?
I never should have trusted my fated mate.

Because sometimes fate makes the wrong choice.

Rejected and cast away by the only wolf I’ve ever loved, I find myself trapped by an underground syndicate…and forced into servitude in a club that feeds shifters’s darkest desires.

And the monsters that rule the club have their eyes on me.

It doesn’t help that my wolf is drawn right to them: Kade, a ruthless alpha, Fillion, a soul-imprisoned demon, and Greyson, a broken Nephilim who knows more about me than he should.

I may be a slave, but I submit to no one.

No matter what dark plans they have in store in me.

And the only way to escape Club Wolf?

Prey or be prey.

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Paranormal & Urban Fantasy

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