Moon Kissed by Penelope Wylde


There’s no fighting fate.

Not when you’re hardwired for finding your fated mate. It’s a shifter thing. One I haven’t put much attention toward.

Enter the hunky shifter next door type, acting Sleepy Briar sheriff Evan Havoc.

Swoon! All of a sudden I’m ready to feel the bite of his fang in ways I’ve never experienced. The sheriff’s twin brother is all levels of gorgeous, ripped beyond belief. And a wolf shifter in denial.

And you thought non-shifter men were hard to handle.

Evan checks off all the tiny boxes I have for the kind of shifter I’d like to have a winter tryst with and it’s safe to say I have ideas on how he can put those temporary handcuffs of his to use.

Before anything can get too serious with my shifter friend with benefits, a succubus hellbent on making everyone suffer pulls us apart.

Is it fate? I don’t know. Shady pasts and second chances at love don’t mix. Before the succubus arrived in Sleepy Briar I saw my winter spent between heated sheets, not fighting for my life.

Now I can only hope Evan will take fate in hand before the psychotic succubus takes away everything we’ve ever wanted.

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