Moon Bitten by Penelope Wylde


Forbidden love is always sweeter.

I should have known better. It’s not like I am new at this whole vampire thing. Falling for a wolf shifter—much less mating one—is a big no-no in my world. One that can get me staked.

But there’s no denying the flying sparks between me and my new hot landlord slash lawman, Jax. Miles of scrumptious muscle, lickable abs I admittedly drool over and the bite to go along with his cocky attitude. It’s safe to say I am down with the possibility of meeting my eternal end if it means I can go out with a hot bang.

He has a hard time admitting it, but fighting the forbidden attraction between us becomes impossible when a blizzard hits our small town. If that isn’t dangerous enough, someone has hidden wolf traps in the snow and finding out why might be more dangerous than the stake in the heart I have coming for breaking vampire law.

When I suffer a serious injury, will my lawman wolf shifter do the one thing necessary to forever change our lives?

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