Modified by A N Kim


What would the world be like without men? One hundred years after the last natural-born human male lived, a bio-engineering company has decided to bring them back– with a few alterations. Vara was one of the first women of her generation to sign onto the registry, hoping to receive one of these experimental new reincarnations of the male of the species. A trial. But now that the time’s come to claim it, Vara’s not so sure she wants to be responsible for a whole new type of human. That is until she meets one. Kiyu is nothing like she expected the new-generation of men, the new-gen, to be. As she gets to know him, Kiyu’s mere presence awakens revelations about her own wants and needs she’s never before considered. So that when he asks her for a favor, one that will inexplicably bind her to the new-gen and what kind of new world they’re creating, Vara has no choice but to agree and hold on for the ride.

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