Mister Billions by Cassie-Ann L. Miller


Bossy. Infuriating. Sexy as sin…I can’t stand the man.
And he’s waiting for me at the altar.

I’m up to my eyeballs in unpaid rent. So is half this town.

Cannon Kingston is the devilish, arrogant billionaire with the power to save us all. But he wants something in return…

My hand in marriage.

The terms of our twisted contract are simple. A month or two of dirty, dirty matrimony and he’ll drop the eviction threats.

No biggie. I’ve got this…

Until he switches up the rules on me halfway through the deal.

First come the bed-breaking orgasms.

Then come the late nights, spilling secrets in the dark.

Now, he’s after my heart.

But this is strictly business. Falling in love is a big, fat no-no. I’m not looking for a fairytale ending. I’m just trying to save myself and my town.

Cannon Kingston is a man who always gets what he wants. And now, I’m at the top of his wishlist.

I’m no spineless damsel, though. I can bring this king to his knees.

…Unless he steals my heart for ransom first.

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