Missing Lynx by Fiona Quinn


It was finally time to start living a normal life. Or so she thought…

Lexi “Lynx” Sobado’s job at Inqiuus was supposed to keep her safe. Planting transmitters, cracking the occasional safe, and using her psychic ability to support her team didn’t require any daring deeds of do or die. But when her mentor shows up in town and drags her into a mystery, her shot at a safe, normal life is ruined. Again.

Ex-SEAL Striker Rheas would give Lexi anything—even if what she needs most is space. He knows she’s still mourning her husband, and he loves her enough to wait for her. But being patient and doing right by Lexi has never been harder than when she’s in danger and has no interest in letting him protect her…

She craves peace and normalcy. He craves her. But if they have any hope of getting what they want, they’ll have to stop a cunning enemy who is willing to destroy everything they hold dear.

All Lexi knows for sure is that she’s not going down without a fight…

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