Miss Parker’s Ponies by Victoria Hinshaw


When Miss Caroline Parker learns she is required to find a husband during the upcoming London Season, she is horrified. More interested in training her ponies, she is anything but polished for the ballroom. Only when she is allowed to bring her adored team of blacks with her to Town, does she agree to attempt the trials of the Marriage Mart.
Captain Thomas Ogden, almost fit again after his wartime exploits, is shocked to find he will inherit an ancient title from a reclusivemarquess, the elderly great uncle of Thomas’s long-deceased father. According to his mother, the only hope for Thomas is to find a wealthy heiress to wed in order to restore the faded fortunes of his unexpected legacy.
Thomas and Caroline, both appalled at the mercenary tasks set for them, pledge to cooperate in finding the best of the lists of Eligibles and Suitables proposed by their respective families. But as they work together to collect everydetail about the proposed candidates, Caroline and Thomas develop more — much more — than a mere collaboration. Reluctantly, they fall into Cupid’s snare. Both almost penniless, they will have to choose between love for one another and their families’ future.

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