Mine to Hold by Weston Parker


Stood up at the aisle and now walking someone down it. I must be nuts.

The story of my life. Love is the last thing I want to participate in, but it’s my little sister’s wedding.

The woman is a hot-mess express about all of it, and honestly, she needs help from an expert. You know. Like me.

I’ve got some ideas, but the maid of honor isn’t buying any of it.

It doesn’t help that she’s my smoking-hot, secret high school sweetheart.

Her being my sister’s BFF makes things even more sticky.

But I love a good run around crazy-town. This one’s worth it.

Of course the intention wasn’t to sneak around behind my sister’s back with her closest gal pal, but I can’t help myself.

I know we aren’t right for each other, but my body can’t seem to get the message.

The woman is difficult as hell and hard to work with, but she’s definitely mine to hold.

Now to get her to feel the same way.

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