Midlife Do Over by Piper Sullivan


A Step by Step Guide on How to Derail your Career in Fine Dining at the Age of 40:
Hit an egotistical, megalomaniac celebrity Chef over the head with a leg of lamb.

That’s it. The End.

It certainly ended my career in Chicago and landed me back in my small town to lick my wounds.

And right back into the arms of my next door neighbor.

Ryan Gregory, reclusive country rock sensation, and my high school sweetheart.

It might be chemistry, but it certainly wasn’t love.

So sure, now I’m going to have his adorable baby in a few months.

But I wouldn’t let it be love, not ever again with Ryan.

So sure my best friend is conspiring against me, planning our long overdue happily ever after.

There is no way I’m serving up my heart on a platter to Ryan. Again.

So sure he looks even more delicious now than I remember.

I know the truth, Ryan has never seen me as anything more than a groupie.

So why can’t I get the man to stay out of my backyard, my bed or my fantasies?

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