Merciless Survival by Em Petrova


She wrecked his mission, but he stole her heart.

SEAL Team Blackout Operator Ronin Ramsey is confident that this will be a successful international op. Locate the enemy and get out—simple. Until all hell breaks loose and he discovers a group of women are being held hostage by the very terrorist his team’s after. And the surprises keep coming when a certain brave and stunningly beautiful hostage triggers big protective instincts he’s never felt before—not to mention the tension smoldering between them.

Farah Wolfe is just trying to make a difference in the world with her work in Nigeria. Now it seems the group that took her hostage isn’t finished terrorizing her. If not for Ramsey, she wouldn’t even be alive, though he doesn’t want to hear about her growing feelings. Keeping secrets from him is easy. Keeping her hands off all those steely hard muscles? Impossible.

For Ramsey, duty calls, and that means he can’t even hope for the things other men get in life. With time running out to stop the threats raining down on them, Ramsey and Farah have no choice but to break some rules of engagement…and more than a few when it comes to love.

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