Mending His Past by Kristen Iten


A hurting ex-soldier and his dog, a single mother and her little girl, and the second chance at love they never saw coming.Sergeant Trent Roland came home from a painful deployment a while ago, but the barricades around his heart are still up. Now, he’s rebuilding the storm-damaged Wounded Warrior Rescue in the seaside town of Liberty Cove. But he’s counting the days until he can put the small-town life behind and get lost in the big city.

While in town, a German shepherd from the rescue begins to break through his defenses. But nothing can prepare him for the moment he comes face-to-face with the woman he left behind ten years ago. He wants to love her like she deserves, but fears he’s forgotten how.

Olivia Malone once had big-city dreams of her own, but becoming a single mom changed her priorities in a hurry. Now, she has no desire to take her young daughter away from the idyllic town she grew up in, even though work is hard to come by.

Her love for her daughter demands that she take any honest job she can find, even if it means treading dangerously close to a ghost from her past—a tall, dark, and handsome ghost. Their chemistry is just as red hot as ever, but she must consider more than her own desires these days.

Olivia’s been down the road of rejection more than once and has her walls firmly in place! Her daughter is her world, and she can’t risk breaking either of their hearts by inviting a man into their lives whose main goal seems to be leaving her behind… again.

War taught him it’s better not to feel. Failed relationships taught her it’s better not to trust. Things heat up at the Wounded Warrior Rescue when Trent and Olivia must decide if taking a second chance at love is worth the risk.

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