Me and My True Love by Darcy Caldwell


Taylor: I’m done with love. Or at least, I’m done waiting for love. I am taking my happiness into my own hands. I booked a one-way ticket to London and I’m ready for the adventure of a lifetime – the last thing I need is some grouchy Scotsman who acts infuriated by my very existence.


Gus: I can’t do this any more. I open my heart so often, hoping that this time, it might just be Her. But I have been hurt too many times and I am definitely not going to let myself fall for the stunning American. Even if I can’t take my eyes off her…


Come with us to London, where fairy tales come true…

In need of an insta-hit of happy ever after? Lunchbreak Love is exactly that: a series of short, steamy reads with guaranteed HEAs you can gobble up on your lunchbreak (or a bath, or a commute – just steal an hour for you and lose yourself in love).

The series launches with Me and My True Love on Thursday 7 April and will publish weekly, every Thursday for twelve weeks…

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