Me And Mr. I.T. by Katie Mettner


Ellie Monroe is miserable. Living and working on the romantic island of Maui should be paradise, but she’s got a crush on the IT guy at work and there’s nothing she can do about it.

Mally Kekoa, Mr. IT to his co-workers, has overcome a lifetime of obstacles to get where he is today. Professionally, he’s at the height of his game, but personally, he’s crushing on a woman who doesn’t even know he exists.

When the resort is threatened, Mally and Ellie don fake wedding bands to catch the thief, but Mally has plans to make Operation Me and Mr. IT a permanent situation. They dig into the lives of dangerous people, and when things go sideways, Mally must use his IT skills to save the woman he loves. If he doesn’t, Operation Me and Mr. IT will remain a temporary situation forever.

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