Mated by the Alpha by Penelope Wylde


For future reference: never sleep with a hexed werewolf.

Especially when it is your hex and he’s six foot plus of tempting, gorgeous muscle that will land you in trouble.

You see, in my world, a witch and a shifter are forbidden to mate. No matter how sinfully perfect his mouth—and hands—are on me.

So, when I hex the local alpha shifter with a love position and push our already combustible lust for one another over the edge… let’s just say it spells disaster for yours truly.

It doesn’t matter if the hexing was an accident because the man prowling my way has one thought on his mind. Taking me as his mate and claiming me for something much longer than a one-night stand.

Magic is a bitch that’s about to bite me. And you know what? I just might like it.

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