Martinis & Mysteries by Rose Bak


Cops in romance books are always so sweet and protective. Unfortunately, Evie’s life is no romance book.

Bookstore owner Evie Fontenot has a mystery to solve. Someone is messing with her bookstore, and there’s no way someone is going to get away with ruining the successful business she created. Her friends insist she report the issues to the police, but based on her history with the law, she knows they’ll be no help. When she meets the bossy and rigid police chief, she knows she’s right.

Jake Wilson isn’t sure what’s going on at Boozy Books, but there’s one thing he does know: Evie is the woman he’s been looking for his whole life. He doesn’t appreciate Evie’s “girl detective” act or her prickly independence, but he does appreciate her business savvy and generous curves.

At their age, there’s no reason to play games. But Evie had no interest in forever, and he’s not interested in settling for anything less.

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