Man with a Castle by Debra J. Falasco


I’m Rand Ravenspur, Peer of the Realm, Laird of a Scottish clan, one of the wealthiest men in the world – a billionaire tech guru who spent a lifetime earning the right to have anything, and everything, I could ever want. I built a conglomerate on the foundations of the legacy that had been left for me by the powerful men who’d built it. I paid the prices the world demanded of me – my time, my energy, my heart – and brought an ancient family dynasty into the modern world. And I did it alone, loving every minute of my rise. There wasn’t anyone who could bring me down.
Until I found her.
Sabrina Hughes wasn’t just anyone. She was the sweetest, most genuine woman I’d ever met. Romance author, loyal friend, hazel-eyed goddess. When I laid eyes on her, I found a piece of myself I never knew was missing.
No. She wasn’t just anyone. She made me question everything I ever knew about myself. She was everyone, and everything, I’d ever need again. She made me want to be the same for her and I hated her for that, just not as much as I loved her for it.

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