Man of the Month Club SEASON 4 by Ann Omasta & Callie Love


The Man of the Month Club monthly meetings are the hottest ticket in Indianapolis as word of the matchmaking application’s surprising, wildly successful pairings spreads.

OCTOBER: Single father, Parker, has been best friends with the identical twin Ford sisters since childhood. Revealing his secret crush on one of the sisters would tip the delicate balance of their lifelong friendship. When Parker is paired with one of the Ford twins at October’s meeting, will the trio’s friendship implode?

NOVEMBER: Sloane Ford and Logan Fox were the hottest, most popular couple in high school, but Logan shattered Sloane’s heart. No one is surprised when these two are matched at November’s meeting, but will Logan be able to convince Sloane that she can entrust her fragile heart with him one more time?

DECEMBER: Phoebe is the mastermind behind the wildly successful Man of the Month Club matchmaking application. She has spent an entire year pairing other couples and helping them find true love. When it’s finally her turn, her match is based on a lie. Will she have the strength to tell the truth?

Meet three lucky couples the app chooses in this hot collection of friends-to-lover, second chance, single parent, and opposites attract romances.

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